Frequently Asked Questions

Just in case you were wondering:

You are theatre right? So, what exactly?

GUTS is a society who performs plays troughout the whole acedemic year. Joining us is simple and can be done all year around, for everyone! Occasionally, auditions will be held for a play, which you can attend. Joining a play, you will be either having rehearsals with the rest of the team, or have meetings with the others of the play if you are doing things backstage. Besides this, we have weekly events where everyone is free to join to get to know our organization and do even more acting related stuff!

I have no experience whatsoever, can I still join?

GUTS is for everyone, wether you have experience or not. We are a place where you can learn or continue your experience by stepping out of your comfort zone, like playing a role like you’ve never done before or directing a play even. Don’t be afraid: Everyone has to start somewhere. Out of (personal) experience, you might start of as a small side role in a play, but have a lead role in another 3 years later. 

I do not like acting, but I do like theatre... Is there anything else for me to do?

Plays with just people acting are of course incomplete. You are missing out on props, sets, costumes, make-up and an audience due to the lack of PR. This is why a crew back stage is very important. If you don’t feel like acting or want to see a production from behind thew stage instead of the front or on it, then you are welcome!

How do I join a play?

Some moments throughout the year, auditions for the plays will be held. You can check for them here or on our Facebook. There you will find all the information you need to join, wether as aspiring cast and crew member.

Do I need to be a member in order to audition for / be in a play?

Anyone who feels like they’re up to it is allowed to audition for any GUTS play, however, once you pulled through and you are part of the play (whether you are cast or crew), you will need to become a member of GUTS. 

Can I direct a play?

In the beginning or the end of each academic year, aspiring directors can pitch a play they would like to direct next year at a GMA (General Members’ Assembly). Then, everyone present at the GMA will vote on all the pitches and pick the ones they would like to see. The picked plays will be performed on the dates provided. 

What are the costs?

This acedemic year, the membership fee for a full year is € 25. More information on how to pay this will be given to you once filling in the membership form. This money will be used to keep the society running.
A production can also ask for a production fee whenever you are part of it. These can have a maximum of € 20 per play you are in. These are decided by the director, production leader and the treasurer. This money will go towards the play. 

Any other questions?

Any more questions? Email us at