Meet the GUTS board of 2019/2020

Oisín - Chair

Hi my name is Oisín and I am the chairperson of GUTS this year. You might know me from my performances as Fagan’s gang member number 5 from the Carndonagh Musical Society’s production of Oliver or perhaps as salesman number 6 in their production of Music Man. I joined GUTS last year to try my hand in some theatre after having already clearly achieved stardom in the local Irish musical circuit. I am 20 years old and I am studying physics. I was very new to theatre when I joined but I very quickly developed a passion for it and have since performed in nearly three GUTS productions. This society made me feel incredibly welcome and I have made an incredible group of friends since joining and I hope myself and the rest of the board can do the same for all of you.

Henrieke - Secretary

Hello! I’m Henrieke, your secretary this year. You can see me in the background, taking those minutes, organizing those documents, sending those emails, staring ominously into the distance. I am a 22 years old student philosophy and third-year GUTSie. In GUTS I have been a part of about quite a few productions by now, as actor, props master and PR designer. I’m very passionate about theatre and art and have filled every minute of my free time with creative projects for the most part of my life now. This year I look forward to helping all of you making some wonderful things happen!

Senna - Treasurer

Hi I’m Senna, the treasurer of GUTS this year, so here’s an official reminder to pay that membership or production fee you’ve been putting off! Jokes aside, I absolutely adore theatre and musical theatre and this is my third year with GUTS. I am 21 years old and you can also frequently find me at the hospital. Not (just) because I’m clumsy but also because I study medicine. Theatre has always been my escape to reality and I’ve been doing it since I was 9 years old, that’s why I decided to take on the challenge of becoming a board member this coming academic year. I have met so many great and amazing people in this society, which has been welcoming and warm from the start, which is why it has such a big place in my heart. I hope and look forward to share that experience with all of you this year!

Priyangshu - Internal Relations

Hey, my name is Priyangshu and I am in charge of internal relationship for GUTS this year. You may wonder what my role entails, well let me answer that by saying my job is to entertain you lovely people throughout the year. GUTS has always felt like a family than a society, as it’s filled with fun and loving people. So, it is my responsibility to make you feel safe, secure and welcomed to this society. I will be acting as a bridge between the members and the board. My friends tell me that I am a people’s person and to be honest I love listening to people’s stories, thoughts, and questions. Therefore, this position was an obvious choice as it provides me with a platform to meet so many different types of people. I am accompanied by four lovely other board members who share a similar passion for the society as I do. So, I hope we can create a magical experience for you guys this year.

Carol - External Relations

I’ve been involved in theatre for something around ten years, and can’t seem to get tired of it. Having acted in musicals such as Grease, Bugsy Malone, or plays such as The foreigner, and directed the musicals Mother Courage and her children and Twenty-fifth annual pitman country spelling bee, I felt like being a Board member was something different for me to try out. I’m very passionate about working with every theatrical field that I possibly can, so I want to approach this with as much enthusiasm as I have for every other aspect of theatre I have encountered. GUTS gave me a home faster than any other place has, and I know the friends I’ve made here will stay in my life for years to come, so having an opportunity to make this society better than it already is seems like an opportunity I can’t say no to. I’ll stop with the cheesiness now, hope I make some people happy this year!