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The Board – GUTS

Meet the GUTS board of 2020/2021

Elsemiek Hes - Chair

This lady is Elsemiek, a 31-year-old graduate of English Language & Culture – and current GUTS veteran. For her 10th year in GUTS she decided to take over as chair, a position she has not held since 2012. Elsemiek has done quite possibly everything there is to do in GUTS. She’s acted (The Picture of Dorian Gray, Alice in Wonderland, Fat Pig, The Brother’s Grimm Spectaculathon, The Deep Blue Sea), produced (High Fidelity, the Deep Blue Sea), directed (Beyond Therapy, All New People, A Number), and spend about 5 years in the board (all positions). “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.” Such is the life of a thespian

Jana Riederer - Secretary

I was born in Germany, and I travelled around for a while and lived in various countries before coming to Groningen two years ago to do a Master’s in evolutionary biology – and now I am sticking around! As someone who grew up in the mountains, I am in a perpetuate state of confusion about flat surfaces (you can actually see the horizon here???). One of the best things about Groningen is how alive and vibrant it is, thanks to the many societies and amazing theatre scene – and of course, GUTS! In addition to all things theatre and GUTS, here are some things I like: Science, debates, languages, opera, soy sauce, the word “thus”, travelling, philosophy, the rainforest, salt and vinegar crisps, and reading.I hope we will have a wonderful year together, filled with thespian adventures!

Medeea Anton- Treasurer

Hello everyone, my name is Medeea and I am this year’s treasurer. I am 22 years old and I am a biology student. As the proverbial dragon protecting the mountain of gold, I am the person to reach in case you have any questions about the financial activity of the society. I joined GUTS last year, but have been considering joining for 3 years. I was very happy that I finally joined as GUTS allowed me to pursue my passion for theatre once again. Over the years, my interest has developed from acting to directing and I love discovering new plays and creating a vision of the script that can provide the best on-stage entertainment. Other than theatre, I am interested in photography, film and literature. Cheesy 2000’s movies are my favourite thing in the world, so if you manage to spot me at a social please tell me what your favourite one is!

Joppe van der Zwan - Internal / External Relations

Hey everyone, my name is Joppe!
 I am the commissioner for both Internal and External Affairs.
 How did I get here, I hear no one ask, I’ll tell you.
 A couple of years ago, I heard about GUTS and I joined one of their open workshops, the one given by the Director of The Importance Of Being Earnest. He convinced me to audition, and I landed the role of Lady Augusta Bracknell, and I loved it. I also fell in love with GUTS itself, so when I heard they were searching for board people I signed up and here I am!
 A few things about me, I am 28, love theatre, producing, acting, sewing, drawing, singing and I love meeting new people and old friends. I also absolutely love trivia, so if you need to share a weird fact with someone, I am your person!