Auditions for GUTS’s June play “Harvey” will take place on the 26th, 27th, and 28th of November between 18:00 and 21:30. Callbacks are planned for 3 & 4 December from 18:00 to 21:30.

Harvey is a 1944 play by American playwright Mary Chase, who received the 1945 Pulitzer Prize for drama for the work. 

“When Elwood P. Dowd starts to introduce his imaginary friend Harvey, a six and a half foot rabbit, to guests at a dinner party, his sister, Veta, has seen as much of his eccentric behavior as she can tolerate. She decides to have him committed to a sanitarium to spare her daughter, Myrtle Mae, and their family, from future embarrassment. Problems arise, however, when Veta herself is mistakenly assumed to be on the fringe of lunacy when she explains to doctors that years of living with Elwood’s hallucination have caused her to see Harvey as well! The doctors commit Veta instead of Elwood, but when the truth comes out, the search is on for Elwood and his invisible companion.”

Harvey will be directed by Elsemiek Hes, and produced by Felicia de Koning. It will be performed on 18, 19 and 20 June 2020.

For the auditions we would like you to do the following:
– Sign-up for a 10-minute slot following this SignUp link:
– Prepare a monologue of your own choosing (please keep it under 2 minutes).
– Prepare dialogue(s) for the character(s) you want to audition for.:

List of characters you can audition for:

Elwood P. Dowd
Veta Louisa Simmons
Myrtle Mae Simmons
Mrs. Chauvenet / Cab Driver (this role is doubled)
Dr. Lymen Sanderson
Nurse Ruth Kelly
Dr. William Chumley
Judge Omar Gaffney
Duane Wilson
Betty Chumley
Ms. Johnson 

Character descriptions + production notes:

Please contact us at if you’re interested in a position in crew, or if you have any questions regarding auditions or the audition process.