About GUTS

Groningen University Theatre Society is the largest, oldest and best english speaking theatre society of the RUG. Oringinaly part of the English department, we accept all students including students of the Hanze University. Our history goes as far back as 1968, when Everything in the Garden, by L. Cooper, was performed under the name E.S.C. Drama Society. Since then, with the help of the USVA cultural student centre, as well as our members, friends, and sponsors, GUTS has grown and developed into a full-fledged English-language theatre society. 

Every year GUTS performs three plays, in the English language, for the Groningen stage. Since we started, we’ve produced over 80 plays

Every year is a new chance to participate in the plays, as well as our workshops, pub quizzes, karaoke nights and other events that GUTS hosts. Every week on Wednesdays we host a new event, either a social or a theatre-related event. To keep up when and where these are, follow us on our social media, or email the board at !