GUTS presents numerous plays each year, from Shakespeare to Wilde, to modern classics and originals. We usually hold plays in November, March and June of the academic year. 

We welcome members of all levels of experience; auditions are open to everybody and we offer the chance to learn new skills for those new to theatre. We are also always looking for crew to do makeup, costume, set design, props and stage management. 

Keep updated by checking out upcoming auditions and liking our Facebook page! Interested in becoming cast, crew, or even director? Then sign up to become a member!

Upcoming Plays

Waiting for Godot

Waiting for Godot will be performed at the USVA on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th of March 2023.

Out of Sight, Out of Murder

Out of Sight, Out of Murder will be performed at the USVA on the 8th, 9th, and 10th of June 2023.

Plays of the Past

1968 Everything in the Garden (L. Cooper)

1969 Loot (J. Orton)

1970 The Killing of Sister George (F. Marcus)

1971 Women Beware Women (T. Middleton)

1972 Hedda Gabler (H. Ibsen)

1973 Dear Janet Rosenberg, Dear Mr. Kooning (S. Eveling)

1973 Anna Lusa (D. Mowat)

1974 The American Dream (E. Albee)

1975 The Bald Primadonna (E. Ionesco)

1976 The Knight of the Burning Pestle (F. Beaumont)

1979 Table Manners (A. Ayckbourn)

1980 The Importance of Being Earnest (O. Wilde)

1981 Hitler Dances (H. Brenton)

1982 The Sea (E. Bond)

1983 Rosencrantz and Guidenstern are Dead (T. Stoppard)

1984 The Killing of Sister George (F. Marcus)

1985 Sisters (D. Storey)

1986 From the Ivory Towers (GUTS)

1986 Alphabetical Order (M. Frayn)

1987 Equus (P. Schaffer)

1988 Buried Child (S. Shepard)

1989 Mixed Doubles (various)

1989 Mountain Language (H. Pinter)

1990 Road (J. Cartwright)

1991 Appointment with Death (A. Christie)

1991 Mankind (N. N.)

1991 Christmas Pantomime (GUTS)

1992 Bed (J. Cartwright)

1992 Glen, the Unheard Music (D. Young)

1993 Confusions (E. Ayckbourn)

1993 Passion (E. Bond)

1994 Richard’s Cork Leg (B. Behan)

1995 The Lodger (S. Burke)

1996 Whose Life Is It Anyway (B. Clarke)

1997 Twelve Dreams (J. Lapine)

1997 Zoo Story (E. Albee)

1998 Vinegar Tom (C. Churchill)

1999 The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) (A. Long, D. Singer, J. Winfield)

2000 The Son of the Morning (GUTS)

2001 Dancing at Lughnasa (B. Friel)

2002 Goodnight Desdemona (Goodmorning Juliet) (A. MacDonald)

2002 Bloomsday (J. Joyce)

2003 The Real Inspector Hound (T. Stoppard)

2003 Popcorn (B. Elton)

2004 Our Country’s Good (T. Wertenbaker)

2005 The Shape of Things (N. LaBute)

2005 An Ideal Husband (O. Wilde)

2005 Blackadder:HEAD (R.Curtis, B. Elton)

2005 Outlying Islands (D. Greig)

2006 Living Quarters (B.Friel)

2006 Blue Remembered Hills (D. Potter)

2007 Lips Together Teeth Apart (T. McNally)

2007 The Scottish Play (G. Holliday)

2008 Macbett (E. Ionesco)

2008 The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) (A. Long, D. Singer, J. Winfield)

2009 Wyrd Sisters (T. Pratchett, S. Briggs)

2009 The Complete History of America, Abridged (A. Long, D. Singer, J. Winfield)

2009 Dracula (J. Mattera)

2010 The Physicists (F. Dürrenmatt)

2011 The Picture of Dorian Gray (O. Wilde)

2011 Albert in Wonderland (G. Vasse, J. Stapert, R. Clemens)

2011 Alice in Wonderland (L. Carroll)

2012 Vernon God Little (DBC Pierre)

2013 Fat Pig (N. Labute)

2013 Pop-Turd (G. Vasse, B. Makariev)

2014 Confusions (A. Ayckbourn)

2014 The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon (D. Zolidis)

2015 Closer (P. Marber)

2015 The Breakfast Club (J. Hughes)

2015 Clammed Up (D. MacGregor)

2016 The Importance of Being Earnest (O. Wilde)

2016 Beyond Therapy (C. Durang)

2016 When a Witch Is In Love… (T. Rovai, M. Carlotti)

2017 High Fidelity (N. Hornby, J. Stapert)

2017 Black Comedy (P. Shaffer) 

2017 Glengarry Glen Ross (D. Mamet)

2017 The Deep Blue Sea (T. Rattigan)

2017 Bachelorette (L. Headland)

2018 The Merchant of Venice (W. Shakespeare)

2018 42 (F. Nagelhout)

2018 Medea (Euripides, B. Power)

2018 All New People (Z. Braff)

2019 Mort (T. Pratchett, S. Briggs)

2019 Teenage Angst With a Bodycount (B. Aardema)

2019 The Shadow Over Innsmouth (H. Lovecraft)

2020 No Exit (J.P. Sartre)

2020 Harvey (M. Chase)

2021 A Number (C. Churchill)

2022 The Bald Soprano (E. Ionescu)

2022 A Midsummer Night’s Dream (W. Shakespeare)

2022 The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde