About GUTS

Groningen University Theatre Society is the largest, oldest and best english speaking theatre society of the RUG. Oringinaly part of the English department, we accept all students includin students of the Hanze University. Our history goes as far back as 1968, when Everything in the Garden, by L. Cooper, was performed under the name E.S.C. Drama Society. Since then, with the help of the USVA cultural student centre, as well as our members, friends, and sponsors, GUTS has grown and developed into a full-fledged English-language theatre society. 

Every year GUTS performs at least one play, in the English language, for the Groningen stage. Since we started, we’ve produced over 70 plays

Every year is a new chance to participate in the plays, workshops, pub quizzes, karaoke nights and other events that GUTS hosts. To keep up when events are, check the news section on this website regularly!

Meet the board

You can’t escape them. They haunt every event. They decide what is happening in GUTS. And why is that? Because they’re the board!

Anthony Sowma – Chair

Anthony has been in GUTS for seven years or longer- nobody is really sure. He just was there, and nobody questioned it. He has acted in several plays, such as Pop Turd, The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon, The Breakfast Club, High Fidelity and 42. His boundless energy and creativity lead him to step up and become chair of this society, sure to lead us all into greatness!

Samuel Stevens – Secretary

Sam joined GUTS in 2015, and everybody immediately swooned when they heard him speak at the auditions for The Importance of Being Earnest. He has been a valued member of GUTS ever since, acting in The Deep Blue Sea, High Fidelity, The Merchant of Venice and 42. Next to being a driven secretary, he is also a ready provider of knowledge on music, video games, and the difference between cookies and biscuits.

Adrian Sidhu – Treasurer

Adrian has only been in GUTS for a year, but he has been involved in every play since he joined. He masterfully portrayed Antonio in The Merchant of Venice, convincing most GUTSies that he was Sad™, but thankfully we got to see his happier side as he joined crew on 42 and Medea. As treasurer, he frequently has to explain what all those numbers mean to the rest of the board- but they trust him with all the numbers ever.

Femke Nagelhout – Internal/External

Femke joined GUTS in 2013, convinced she would never do board stuff because she just loved acting too much. Proving this by acting in a bunch of plays such as The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon, Closer, The Importance of Being Earnest and When a Witch is in Love, and directing Clammed Up and 42, she went on to do board stuff anyway. She provides some much needed glamour and arse-kicking wherever necessary, as she manages all the internal and external relations.